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At the Old Ballgame

by Branden Huxtable

Originally published in the October 1996 issue of the CSCDHH GA Newsletter

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On Wednesday, August 7th, the Seattle Mariners lost to the Kansas City Royals 10-3 during CSCDHH Baseball Night. Jay Buhner, the Mariner's right fielder, scored the first home run that night in the fourth inning earning cheers and screams from the fans. By the sixth inning, however, the Royals had scored 10 runs, leaving the Mariners lost in the dust because of their sloppy plays. I happened to lipread one hearing fan telling her friend that the Mariners ought to change their slogan to "Refuse to Win." Maybe she ought to suggest that to the owners.

Nevertheless, 108 CSCDHH baseball fans had a good time at the first CSCDHH Baseball Night. CSCDHH board members Jan Beechinor, who is CSCDHH chairperson for the Fundraising Committee, and Leila Petersen helped set up the evening. Both liked doing fun activities with the Deaf community and meeting new people. Tickets cost only $7.00, with a portion going to support CSCDHH. Most of us sat in the 100 section right behind center outfielder Ken Griffey, Jr. Some of us brought baseball gloves for the souvenir baseballs we planned to take home if any were hit our way. Unfortunately, none of the players did. Nearby, a young Kingdome employee made friends with some of us while blowing big pink bubble gum bubbles and throwing out hearing rowdies.

As for the fans, Ann Silver, who had never been to the Kingdome before, enjoyed the game. The last time she went to a baseball game was with the Seattle Rainiers at the old Sicks Stadium on Rainier Avenue (now Eagle Hardware). Unfortunately, she missed half the game because her friend had to leave early. Gary Powe was disappointed with the Mariner's performance but still had a good time sitting back and talking to friends.

The Kingdome remembered us. The Mariner's Moose mascot stopped by to meet the hearing and deaf children. He even signed to them ("My name is Moose. Are we friends? "Yes!" "Aww..." Then he blushed.) The children loved him. Some got pictures of themselves hugging the Moose.

Later, the bubble gum employee told Jan Beechinor that we would all be on TV in the top of the 8th inning. When the time came, we all stood up and gave our best ILY. We watched and watched the big Kingdome screen, but never appeared. By the time the game ended, we were disappointed. Then, the employee excitedly told Jan that we made it on TV. What was she talking about? Was she looking at some other TV? Yup. Kansas City TV. We are all stars now. So, maybe next time we can be on Seattle TV.

Editor's Note: Now, the Mariners are winning big and in the thick of the pennant race. GO, MARINERS!

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