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Shutting the Door

by Branden Huxtable

Originally published in the June 1998 issue of the CSCDHH GA Newsletter

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When I work by myself, I typically take my hearing aids off so I can work in peace without listening to everyone running around screaming, especially when I am supporting computer exercises. Too many nearby people shout at each other trying to solve all their little problems. Without my hearing aids, I can easily focus on whatever I need to do to get my software working.

Even working alone back in the office, I normally take my hearing aids off. Occasionally people stop by, or the person across the hall might be yelling, or some heavy machinery outside is roaring. At times like these, no hearing aids are a blessing.

I wish I could say I get total quiet, but I can hear doors shut. The sound is low enough bass for me to hear. I might not be able to hear a jet fly overhead or the traffic next to me, but I can hear the conference room door next door shut. Normally, I have no problem with that.

A while back, my company had a huge exercise on-site. Computers filled that conference room. People from out of state came to participate. The exercise went on for twelve hours a day for a week. I was not involved in that exercise as I had my own little project to keep myself occupied. But, right next door, all day long, people would run in and out. All day long someone would open and shut the door. All day long bang! bang! bang! Right after lunch bang! bang! bang! Every three minutes bang! bang! bang! I tried propping the conference room door open. Five minutes later bang! bang! bang!

This went on for a couple days bang! bang! bang! until finally I had enough. I put on my hearing aids and stopped the next person who tried to shut the door.

"Why do you guys have to shut the door? Why don't you just leave it open?"

"Oh. We've got lots of things going on here."

"Yeah. So?"

"We didn't want to bother you with all the noise."


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