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What! Say That Again?

by Branden Huxtable

Originally published in the August 1995 issue of the CSCDHH GA Newsletter

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They say that laughter heals. For me, laughter reduces stress. When socializing with hearing people, having a sense of humor helps me, as well as other people, become more comfortable and more patient in difficult situations. After all, my attitude about myself influences others and what better influence than a positive healthy outlook.

Sometimes the humor comes from my misunderstandings.

"What kind of boat was it?"
My friend shrugged "I'll ask."

Other times, they like to tease me.

"Good morning, Vince. How are you?"

I like to tease myself too.

"You know, Branden. I really like going to the mountains. It's so peaceful and quiet."
"I don't need to go the mountains for peace and quiet."

Of course, I do take advantage of the situation.

"Thanks, Branden. You did a really good job."
"Oh. Could you say that again? I couldn't hear you."

Several years ago, I used to date Holly, who is a vocational counselor (we are still good friends) but with her Southern accent, oftentimes I would have a hard time understanding her. I would repeat her words if I wasn't sure what she was saying. If something sounded really bizarre (What is she thinking?), I would wince quizzically and repeat it with an expression of complete disbelief. My utter seriousness never failed to send her into convulsions of laughter. During our times together, we have had some interesting stories

Holly and I were driving near Portland, Oregon on a beautiful spring day. Holly was admiring the scenery, especially the houses up on a hill.

"You know," she said. "I would love to have the financial capability to buy one of the houses on the hill."
"You want to buy a hill?"

One day, Holly called me up to convince me to hop onto a ferry with her to visit the great wilderness of Alaska.

"You can see lots of wildlife," she said.
"Lots of wildlife," I repeated.
"You can see eagles."
". . . Worms?"

Another time, I was driving Holly to run some errands. I was telling her about one place where I worked. The treatment of the employees left much to be desired. Even so, I had many friends there and told her some funny stories about working there.

"Branden," she said. "It sounds as though you had a great deal of camaraderie at that job."

I stopped the car at the light and turned to her. "Armed robbery!?"

Holly and I went to see the movie Godfather III.

"So, Holly," I asked. "How did you like the movie?"
"Well, the plot is like the first two."
"Plot like the first two."
"There's lots of killing to pretty music."
"Killing to pretty music."
"And it really bothers me when people die senselessly."
"And it really bothers you when people die in Texas."

If you have any true stories or anecdotes about being deaf or hard of hearing, sign language, interpreters, TTYs or anything humorous, send them to GA Newsletter at CSCDHH.

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