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CSCDHH GA Newsletter - August 1996 Issue

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NOTE: This is an abbreviated version of the CSCDHH GA Newsletter. Articles not included have the article title in Italics. To get the full text of the newsletter, become a member of CSCDHH. Thank you!!

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August 1996
1996 - Issue #8

Community Forums May Results In Changes For The Interpreter Referral Service

The Interpreter Referral Service Advisory Committee (IRSAC) held a number of Community Forums during the month of June. The forums were held to examine what works or doesn't work in relation to current services and get feedback from community members. All forums held addressed four basic questions: what do you feel is working well with the Interpreter Referral Service (IRS)?; what do you feel is not working with the IRS?; what services do you want provided by IRS?; and what would be ways to earn revenue to support the IRS program?

All groups (interpreters, deaf, deaf-blind, late-deafened, and hard of hearing) appreciated having the IRS as part of a Deaf service agency. They felt it important that providers be knowledgeable in ASL and the interpreting process, and able to assess the communication needs of consumers, providing the most appropriate access possible. A number of issues were identified such as communication, policies and procedures, quality control, equipment/technology, staffing and customer service. Most felt that charging some type of fee for service, whether to those making requests or to interpreters receiving jobs, would be reasonable.

Businesses and agencies (contract and non-contract) who currently use the IRS as well as agencies who do not currently use IRS will have an opportunity to offer their input on August 13th from 8:30am to 10:30am at CSCDHH.

The IRSAC wishes to thank all those who gave their time to these forums, as leaders, participants, and interpreters. Committee members are currently working on identifying major themes and issues in order to develop constructive and comprehensive recommendations to the Board.

AT&T Announces The Closing Of The Washington State Telecommunications Relay Center

Upcoming CSCDHH Events (see the Calendar of Events)

Thumbs Down to Actor Jeffrey Irons!

A number of publications, including the New York Daily News and Time, carried a story about the apparent refusal of actor Jeremy Irons to accommodate deaf members of the audience at a reading of Lolita at 40. Irons is quoted in both publications as saying, "Why would deaf people attend a reading? It's like a blind person wanting to attend a ballet." Hands On Theatre, the New York theater company that arranged for sign language interpretation of Irons' reading, reports further in its most recent newsletter that prior to the scheduled performance, Irons made a number of disparaging comments to the interpreter, Beth Prevor.

Writes Prevor, "While placement of the interpreter became an issue with Mr. Irons, much of the problem stemmed from rude and insulting comments Irons made to me, Beth Prevor, prior to the performance." According to the article, Irons said to Prevor, "Interpreting this event is ludicrous. . .why would deaf people attend a reading. . .it's like a blind person wanting to attend the ballet. . .it's ridiculous. . .why should 290 people be distracted for the sake of 10...just to give them scripts and a flashlight...this majority guilt for the sake of the minority is taking political correctness to the extreme. . .I might as well be able to bring my dog here!"

Prevor wrote that Irons "finally said [that] the Deaf audience members could sit in the last row of the theatre (thereby putting them out of sight of the rest of the audience). This meant [that] the sign language interpreter would have to sit in the aisle under a small light bulb, forcing the Deaf people to crane their necks to try to see the dimly lit interpreter.

"At that point [Prevor] spoke with all the deaf members of the audience and it was jointly decided that it was not in anyone's best interest to carry on with this unfortunate and, quite honestly, very disturbing situation, and [that] Hands On would cancel the interpreted performance." Concluded Prevor, "I guess good acting has nothing to do with good sense or good manners." (TFA)

Letter From The Director by Rob Roth

Several of the CSCDHH staff attended the National Association of the Deaf convention in Portland, Oregon during the first week of July. It was a chance to show off our exciting new products designed to educate 911 operators and deaf, deaf-blind, hard of hearing, and speech impaired persons on using 911 services. Janel Stromme, 911 Program Coordinator, and I led a workshop on our 911 training model that was well received by those in the audience.

Several highlights of the convention for me: Leon Curtis from the Washington State Office of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services was elected as a representative from Region IV. Congratulations, Leon! During a workshop on landmarks related to deafness; I learned that a turn of the century Deaf architect named Olaf Hanson designed several buildings in Seattle! I plan to do some research and find out which buildings are his. I enjoyed the workshop on the upcoming exhibit on Deaf Culture and Deafness at the Smithsonian Institute's American Museum of Science and History, and was able to add my input on what the exhibit should have. It was a great convention and well worth the time. It was like living on a Deaf planet!

Get ready for the CSCDHH Annual Meeting on Friday evening, September 27th. More details on this event will be in the September newsletter.

John Ramey has left CSCDHH for other opportunities. We wish him well in his endeavors. Rebekkah Berger joins CSCDHH as the new Information & Referral Specialist. Stop by and say hello to her.

We were pleased with the ideas that came from the Interpreter Referral Advisory Committee's community forums. I invite you to continue to let us know your concerns, ideas or suggestions for CSCDHH. You can write, call or stop by and visit. We're always glad to see you!

Book Review: A Case About Amy

Complaints About 911?? by Janel Stromme

The 911-TTY Education Program at CSCDHH currently does not handle 911 complaints from TTY users. However, if you have experienced problems with 911 in the past or are currently experiencing problems, you can write a letter to:

Attorney General
US Department of Justice Coordination and Review Section
Civil Rights Division
PO Box 66118
Washington, DC 20035-6118

The 911-TTY Education Program encourages you to fight for your rights to equal access related to emergency services. The following is a sample letter you can follow when writing your letter of complaint:

Dear Attorney General,

I live in (county, city, state). I called 911 on (date) at (time). (State the problem. For example: My call was not recognized as a TTY call. The individual that answered did not know how to communicate using a TTY.) Please investigate and keep me informed of the progress. My address is: (give your mailing address).

Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter.


(sign and print your name)

Deaf Youth Summer Theatre Presents Mister Memory

Seattle Children's Theatre presents Mister Memory, an original play directed by Billy Seago and written by Rico Peterson. Mister Memory, produced by the Deaf Youth Drama Program, will run from August 2nd to August 4th. Due to the elimination of federal funding that sponsors educational theatre arts program, Mister Memory is possibly the final production of the widely acclaimed Deaf Youth Summer Theatre.

Mister Memory is set in a future where cochlear implants and eugenic engineering have been perfected. The last Deaf man on earth, who carries the collective memory of all Deaf people, is forced to face the ultimate surgery unless a young doctor can be convinced to save him. Peterson has written the play in a style that will give those who see it something to think about once they've left the theatre.

Cast members will be Deaf and hearing students who've been participating in the Deaf Youth Summer Theatre, and range in age from 14 to 22. Performances are Friday, August 2nd at 7:00pm; Saturday, August 3rd at 2:00pm and 7:00pm; and Sunday, August 4th at 2:00pm at the Eve Alvord Theatre at Seattle Children's Theatre. Tickets are $7 for adults and $5 for children, students, and seniors. Tickets are currently on sale and may be reserved by calling the Seattle Children's Theatre box office at (206) 441-3322 V/TTY.

Children's Home Society Seeks Pregnant Women

Calendar Of Community Events

Weekend, August 2nd - 4th

Seattle Children's' Theatre presents the Deaf Youth Drama Program's debut of Mister Memory. See Page 4 for more details.

Monday, August 5th

Abused Deaf Women's Advocacy Services' (ADWAS) Positive Deaf Parenting Program and Kids of Deaf Adults (KODA) presents Normal Child Sexual Development and Behavior and How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex by Liz Halperin. Halperin, a Deaf therapist and educator, has worked with Deaf kids and parents as well as taught parents about childhood sex education for over 9 years.

Normal Child Sexual Development and Behavior and How to Talk to Your Kids About

Sex will be held at CSCDHH from 6:30pm to 9:00pm with the snack and social hour at 6:30pm to 7:00pm and the presentation beginning at 7:00pm. The presentation is free of charge.

Wednesday, August 7th

The 1996 Deaf Seniors and Retirees 3rd Annual Picnic will be held at Fort Borst Park, Shelter 1 in Centralia (West of I-5, off Exit 82) from 10:00am to 9:00pm. The Deaf Seniors and Retirees Picnic is for those 60 years of age and older. Bring your own meals and drinks, fruits and desserts to share as well as your own chairs and tables. Coffee, tea, cream and sugar will be provided. Games and prizes will be announced. Registration is $1 per person. For more information, call Duane Florence at (206) 833-3210 TTY.

The City of Lynnwood Arts Commission and Lynnwood Parks and Recreation is sponsoring ASL interpreted performances in their Wonder Stage Performances. Cowboy Buck and Friends will be performing music, songs, and skits. Saddle up to sing and stomp along with a variety of songs plus line dance and sign language. The performance is targeted at youth, ages 5 to 11, and begins at 12 noon at the Lynndale Park Amplitheater, 18927 72nd W, Lynnwood, or in case of rain at the Lynndale Elementary School Gym, 7200 191st SW, Lynnwood. There is no charge for attending. For more information, call the Lynnwood Recreation Center at (206) 771-4030.

Weekend, August 9th - 11th

Washington State Association of the Deaf will be holding its Mini-Convention Fun at the Polynesian Hotel in Ocean Shores, WA. A few of the activities planned include a BBQ, games, fishing, horseback riding and much more. Registration is $35 for WSAD members and $45 for non-members. Room reservations must be made by July 15th. For more information, contact Nancy Forrest (206) 862-0910 TTY or Bob Rummell (206) 588-2276 TTY.

Monday, August 12th

CSCDHH Night with the Mariners against the Kansas City Royals. Call CSCDHH at (206) 322-4996 V/TTY for more information. Tickets must have been purchased by July 31st.

Monday, August 19th

CSCDHH Board Meeting in Laurent Clerc Hall, beginning at 6:00pm.

Tuesday, August 20th

The Group Theatre presents an ASL interpreted performance of Falsettos, a Tony award-winning musical takes a hilariously poignant look at family life in late 20th century America. Falsettos focuses on one unusual extended family: Marvin and his male lover, his ex-wife, his son, his psychiatrist (who is also his ex-wife's new husband) and their lesbian neighbors. Marvin longs for his extended family to all be friends and, more importantly, a family. Falsettos will be held at the Group Theatre located on the first level of the Center House, Seattle Center (new entrance located opposite of Ferris Wheel). The performance begins at 7:30pm and tickets are $16 each ($3 off for Seniors - 60 years old and older - and students with ID if tickets are reserved in advance). For more tickets and more information, contact the Group Theatre's Box Office at (206) 441-1299.

August 25th - 31st

The Lighthouse for the Blind is sponsoring their annual Deaf-Blind Retreat being held at the Seabeck Conference Center. The retreat is balanced with activities, relaxation, communication and support for Deaf-Blind campers and qualified volunteer interpreters/guides. Cost is $260 - full week and $150 - half week. Limited funds for partial scholarships are available. Qualified volunteer interpreter/guides can attend at no cost. Space is limited. For an application or more information, call (206) 322-5627 TTY or write Deaf-Blind Retreat, The Lighthouse for the Blind, PO Box C14119, Seattle, WA 98114.

Future events

September 19th - December 12th

ADWAS' Positive Deaf Parenting Program presents a twelve-session Parent Education Support Group at no charge. Contact Linda Goldman at (206) 726-0093 TTY; Vicki Moseley at (206) 784-7426 TTY or enclosed flyer for more information.

September 20th - 21st

The Northwest 1st Annual Men's and Women's Open Volleyball Tournament will be held at Auburn Riverside High School (501 Oravetz Rd, Auburn). The tournament is opened to both hearing and Deaf participants, however, it is preferred that hearing participants know and use ASL for the duration of the tournament. Saturday will include awards and entertainment party. Fan admission fee is $5. Registration: Team fee - $50 plus player fee - $5. Registration deadline is September 7th, though registration will be accepted up to September 14th for an additional $10. For more information, contact Gary Holte at (206) 439-0857 or write 4510 S 154th St #J101, Tukwila, WA 98188.

Friday, September 27th

CSCDHH Annual Meeting will be held in Laurent Clerc Hall at CSCDHH. Doors open at 6:00pm, meeting begins at 6:30pm. More information in the GA newsletter, September issue.

October 10th - 13th

The 8th International Association of Late-Deafened Adults (ALDA) Convention will be held in San Francisco, CA at the Hyatt on Fisherman's Wharf. The ALDA convention will include workshops, seminars, banquet, and Karaoke party. Full and one-day registration available. For more information, contact ALDAcon '96, 1550 San Leandro Blvd #111, San Leandro, CA 94577-4442.

October 11th - 12th

Gallaudet University Regional Center at Ohlone College is sponsoring Citizen Science for parents and teachers of deaf and hard of hearing children. A few topics range from promoting environmental stewardship in the classroom and community to marine science in the classroom. Citizen Science will be held at the Water Resource Center in Vancouver, WA. Registration is $45 (includes meals and materials) and is due by September 27th. For more information, contact Gallaudet University Regional Center at Ohlone College, 43600 Mission Blvd, Fremont, CA 94539 or (510) 659-6268 V/TTY.

Weekend, November 1st - 3rd

Deaf Expo '96, the largest consumer trade show covering the deaf and hard of hearing market, will be held at Anaheim Convention Center. Deaf Night Live, Deaf World, and Musign: The Reunion, workshops, Deaf Art Exhibits, TTY Museum, TTY Evidence Queen, and the Post-Deaf Expo '96 Cruise to Baja, Mexico are just a few of the activities planned. For more information regarding tickets, programming, seminars and exhibit space, write Deaf Expo '96, 4717 Laurel Canyon Blvd #210, North Hollywood, CA 91607-3944 or call (818) 760-3352 TTY Hotline; (818) 760-3391 Fax; or e-mail DEAF

Travel for All Seasons is coordinating all discounted group hotel, airline, car rental, and the Post-Deaf Expo '96 cruise. They can be reached at (800) 307-3522 TTY; (818) 998-5491 TTY; (818) 882-8652 Fax.

New Phone Numbers - ODHHS And TAS

Office of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services
(360) 902-8000 V/TTY; (360) 753-0699 TTY*

Telecommunications Access Service
(360) 902-8001 V/TTY; Message: (800) 422-7930 V*; Message: (800) 422-7941 TTY*

* no change

Community Service Center For The Deaf And Hard Of Hearing Mission and Services

Community Announcements

Head Start and ECEAP Accepting Enrollment Applications

Anger/Stress Management Support Group Begins In September

Reception Being Held In Honor Of Brian Linn

Deaf Power, A New Deaf Club For Preteens And Teens Begins

A junior version of a Deaf club was recently started for young people ages 11 through 15. The purpose of the club is to give preteens and young adults who attend a variety of school programs an opportunity to socialize with a larger group of deaf peers. Social events will be held monthly and supervised by signing adults. Maril Elliott, who is Deaf and the mother of a Deaf 11-year-old is cosponsoring the group along with Bonnie Neeley, the hearing mother of a Deaf 13-year-old.

The first meeting was held recently at Funtasia in Edmonds. The twelve new founding members met briefly before enjoying the Funtasia activities. They unanimously decided to name their club Deaf Power. They also decided that the next activity will be a trip to Wild Waves on August 25th. Call Maril or Bonnie at the phone numbers below for more details regarding the Wild Waves trip. Young people, including family members, that are interested in joining can call Maril at (206) 842-1935 TTY or Bonnie at (206) 842-0887 V/TTY to request being added to the Deaf Power mailing list. Deaf adults who wish to volunteer to help supervise the club members are encouraged to call as well. Ideas or sponsors for activities are also welcome.

Will you be taking a Sign Language or Deaf Culture class this Fall?

We have books for you at the CSCDHH Bookstore! Including the NAD's "Deaf Heritage". Regular Price: $29.45 Member's Price: $26.50. CSCDHH members always get 10% off all regular priced books!

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