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CSCDHH GA Newsletter - November 1997 Issue

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November 1997
1997 - Issue #11

Pay Phone Rate Changes

Using a public pay phone may never be the same again as a result of a decision by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The FCC deregulated the pay phone industry effective October 7, 1997, allowing pay phones owners to charge whatever amount they choose for a local call. It is likely to be higher than the quarter we have come to expect.

Here are some things consumers need to know about when using a pay phone:

HSDC Extended Hours

Beginning November 5th 1997, the Hearing, Speech and Deafness Center will extend Wednesday evening hours to meet the needs of clients and customers who work 9 to 5. The Beyond Hearing Aids store, with assistive listening and signaling devices will be open until 7pm. Audiology and Speech and Language Services will also be available by appointment (call (206) 323-5770 (V/TTY) to schedule appointments).

NEW HOURS: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm

Wednesday 8:30am to 7:00pm

KODA Corner by Holly Parker Jensen

As indicated in the recent KODA sponsored event Love Is Never Silent, Deaf folks have internalized the hearing view that we were never good enough in the eyes of the world. We were denied the use of our own language, American Sign Language. Because we could not talk well, nor have a command of written English, we were labeled as inferior people. We were told we were unable to learn, unable to think, and unable to advance. As a result, we did not assimilate easily, comfortably and without prejudice into the dominant American culture. Although the times are different today, there still exist some forms of oppression, bigotry and ignorance.

Some of our hearing children inherited that conditioned low self-respect, shame and similar feelings of inadequacy from their Deaf parents. As Robert Hoffmeister, Director of Boston University's Programs in Deaf Studies, said, "We have internalized the hearing world's view of our parents but not have been taught how to conquer and handle this view in ourselves." Let us, as a Deaf community, instill a sense of pride in our rich heritage, in the beauty of our American Sign Language, and let us advocate for equality and rights as Deaf individuals. After we affirm ourselves, we will pass onto our hearing children similar feelings of self-acceptance.

To those who are interested in the study of culture and its transmission through families, I invite you to attend a lecture given by Dr. Paul Preston, who authored the bestseller Mother Father Deaf, at the University of Washington on December 6th. His presentation will dispel many of the stereotypes and myths that exist in both the media and the literature of deafness.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Auditions for Gibraltar Entertainment Production

The Gibraltar Entertainment is having an opening audition for the Evening of Storytelling in ASL. The audition will be held at CSCDHH 1609 19th Ave Seattle Sunday November 16th at 1:00pm. The audition is open to any Deaf, Deaf-Blind and hearing performers using ASL. If you have a story to tell using ASL, Sign Mime, Mime and ASL Song Singing, come and give it a shot! Must be 21 and over. Bring a photograph of yourself and your current address where you can be reached. If you would like to help in other ways, such as artistic director or stage manager, please come to the audition. There will be a meeting after the audition for any questions you may have.

GEP's goal is to set up an International Storytelling competition right here in Seattle, with storytellers from all over the US and Canada in an annual competition.

If you have any questions before the audition, please call our pager at 624-2072 or (800) 892-8556, enter the pager ID 994-1518, and your phone number. We will return your call ASAP.

Community Announcements

AT&T Learning Point ™ Program is dedicated to creating a successful future for all of our children. Through the AT&T Learning Point ™ Program your schools can automatically earn points (Learning Points) toward free state-of-the-art computer software, hardware, and other educational technologies, for example, CD ROMs (25,000 points), classroom management software (60,000 points) and much more. For every dollar you spend on eligible AT&T Residential Telephone Service, your school of choice gets five Learning Points from AT&T. There is no additional cost to participate in the AT&T Learning Point ™ Program. For more information, call 1-800-354-8800 (V) or visit their web site at

Puyallup School District is seeking Substitute Educational Interpreters for the 1997-98 school year. Assignments are in the district's Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program with students preschool through high school age. We offer quality teaming, recent technologies and modern facilities. For additional information, contact Lorraine Maida, Specialist for DHH services, at (206) 845-7235 (V) or (206) 841-8655 (FAX).

AIDS Project of the Deaf is sponsoring a new support group in ASL run by Deaf facilitators. Anyone fluent in sign language is welcome to join. Meetings are first and third Friday every month at Seattle AIDS Support Group (SASG) 303 17th Ave E. Time is 2:30 to 4:30pm. Afterwards a free dinner is provided for people who participate. Confidentiality guaranteed. Come and support this new group!

CSCDHH Upcoming Events

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