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Group demands that head of deaf school be ousted - Advocates cite report that students remain vulnerable to abuse (12/20/02)

Glennie's nothing short of amazing - percussionist Evelyn Glennie gives musical performance (11/09/02)

Volunteer Interpreters The 4th year ITP students at ASLIS are now volunteer interpreting... they're available for appropriate situations for students (social gatherings, clubs, etc..) contact at: Located in the greater Seattle area. (10/16/02)

Ragin' Cajun closes This week marked the closure of Delcambre's Ragin' Cajun (1523 First Ave., Seattle). Owner/chef Danny Delcambre, a native of New Iberia, Louisiana, brought style and spice to Pike Place Market when he opened his cafe on April Fool's Day nine years ago. Later this month the Ragin' Cajun will reopen as Cafe Mimosa, serving American breakfasts and French and Cajun specialties at lunch, says new owner Chau Nguyen. (04/03/02)

Bury Me Standing: The Gypsies and their Journey is the WSRID Professional Development Committee's Spring quarter selected book. Join the fun and learn something new! (03/7/02)

Murder suspect arrested in Chicago Larry Dorsey, now a suspect in the RaeAnn Champaco murder case, was picked up in Chicago Feb. 5. (02/16/02)

Abuse widespread at schools for the deaf nationwide Rumors of rapes and molestations on the campus of the 115-year-old Washington State School for the Deaf circulated for years among parents of students. (02/04/02)

Seattle murder victim a South Kitsap native Today, the family she left in Port Orchard to seek independence in Seattle will bury RaeAnn Champaco, who was found stabbed to death in a bathroom outside the Washington State Convention Center Jan. 18. (02/02/02)

Stabbing victim lived at YWCA. RaeAnn Champaco, 30, came to live at the YWCA about a year ago. On Jan. 18 she was found stabbed to death in a restroom at Freeway Park in downtown Seattle. (01/27/02)

Teaching babies sign language lets them communicate even before they can talk "Signing is the single best thing we've done as parents," said Cover, who started when Jeremy was 6 months old. "We didn't have to guess what he wanted, and he could tell us what he was thinking about. It was like a little window into his brain." (01/26/02)

Silence doesn't stop Seattle U. swimmer For swimmers, a beep is the signal to explode off the block. But for Megan Ackerman, a flash of light begins her silent plunge into the pool. (01/23/02)

Yakima School District Helps Family Overcome Language Barriers Yanet, Sandra and Yaidid differ from their peers in one important way: They are deaf, and have been since birth. (01/15/02)

Miss Tri-Cities pushing agenda into new year When Miss Tri-Cities Amanda Beers listens, her eyes are focused intently on the speaker's mouth. (01/02/02)

Sound and Fury Among Top 10 Movies. How the possibility of cochlear-implant surgery affects an extended family, some of whose members are deaf. Nominated Best Documentary for the 73rd Academy Awards. (12/30/01)

Sprint videophone helps deaf Sprint Corp. and the state Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing have announced a new video relay service in Bellevue. (12/17/01)

AquaSox hurler brings new signs to team. Deaf Everett AquaSox pitcher, Ryan Ketchner, gets along just fine and provides inspiration to deaf and hard of hearing children. (7/8/01)

The sounds of silence. Story about WA State SHHH chapter coordinator, Penny Allen (7/1/01)

UW tackling growing trend of hearing loss. Researchers are looking into the genetics of hearing loss. See also: Region playing important role in research.(7/1/01)

Reforms at deaf school in Vancouver (06/26/01) See also the MSNBC article

Picture of Lou FantMORE SAD NEWS: LOU FANT, One of the GIANTS of our ASL community died Monday 6/11/01. An actor, author, interpreter trainer, consultant, Lou passed away at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle, Washington, from complications of pneumonia and pulmonary fibrosis. Seattle Times article (6/18/01)

Decatur High School's Ron Painter Excels Wonderful story about Ron's accomplishments. (06/03/01)

NEWS: Gordon Nystedt, long-time Hard of Hearing community activist, former president of the Washington State SHHH, and editor of both the SHHH and Pacific NorthWest Cochlear Implant Club newsletters, passed away 5/21/01 while doing his physical therapy. In lieu of flowers, donations can be sent to "Steel Lake Presbyterian Church", or "CICI Foundation" or "SHHH" (requested from Gordon Nystedt Family). For addresses, contact David Pearson. (5/21/01)

Girl's dark, silent world opens with touch. 3 year old deaf/blind Racha Turki is learning to sign. (5/21/01)

Special Report on sex abuse at Deaf school. (4/27/01)

Philadelphia deaf/blind student invents Braille device. (4/25/01)

Spokane girl, 4, receives gift of hearing with implant. (3/10/01)

'Sound and Fury' documentary examines an emotional family issue. Deaf parents decide to have their youngest deaf child receive a cochlear implant. (3/9/01)

'Swimming': Night owl's efforts prove fulfilling. CODA Carole Glickfeld uses her experiences as the daughter of deaf parents to become an accomplished writer. (3/7/01)

Class 2A wrestling: Grandview High School senior wrestler Antonio Avalos finishes 2nd in state. (2/18/01)

Heather Lightfoot. 24, from Bothell, has been named Female Athlete of the Year 2000 by the USA Deaf Sports Federation. (11/17/00) See also.

See Deaf Rumor - for the latest in stories, comedy, and fun coming!

Where are they now? The spotlight on Gary Namba, a former running back at Roosevelt HS in Seattle (11/8/00)

Teachers, programs earn Golden Apples Puget Sound Educational Services District in Burien is one of the winners. (11/01/00)

Disabled workers are a largely untapped resource (11/01/00)

Technology helps woman (9/28/00)

Not everyone is sold on the cochlear implant (9/28/00)

Wired for Sound How cochlear implants work (9/28/00)

The new Northwest Asian Deaf Organization (NWADO) - established 6/3/00, had over 100 deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing people attend the potluck and social events this calendar year.

Interpreters translate a hearing world - become an interpreter! (8/13/00)

StoryFest: Tales for all ages - upcoming performances by the Deaf Youth Drama Program at the Seattle Children's Theatre (8/12/00)

Bootleggers use device for deaf to record live shows illegally (7/31/00)

Special Technology Access Resource Center provides assist to deaf and blind (6/27/00)

Deaf Man Talking - stories, comedy, and fun in Seattle!

Movie chains sued by hearing-impaired(2/4/00)

A rare genetic disorder stole her sight and hearing, but not her courage(1/31/00)

Robert J. Behnke passes away - active in arts (Thursday, December 09, 1999)

Sign-language teacher wins state award - (Monday, November 08, 1999)

Vandal on the loose - window broken/money stolen at Danny and Holly Delcambre's Ragin' Cajun restaurant (Sunday, November 07, 1999)

Look who's calling online - (Sunday, September 12, 1999)

Parents urge Locke to fire superintendent of deaf school - (Wednesday, August 25, 1999)

Gold medal winner! - Heather Lightfoot wins 3 gold medals (Monday, August 30, 1999)

Who's disabled? - is a tough question for Supreme Court (Thursday, April 29, 1999)

Signing gains as way for baby to communicate - (Thursday, August 19, 1999)

Sex assault allegations - made at state School for the Deaf (Tuesday, August 10, 1999)

Babies taught sign language - are often ahead of their peers later on (Monday, August 9, 1999)

Black Deaf writer - polishes a family heirloom as she brings slave ancestors to life (Wednesday, July 14, 1999)

Jefferson Awards Nominees - Gordon Nystedt, Christopher Opie, Ron Parker, and Guy Bernal among those nominated for Jefferson Awards (Friday, April 2, 1999)

Deaf comedian revels in language of laughs Frankie "FA" Arnold is a hit in Seattle (4/23/99)

Shopkeeper pays price of not knowing ADA law (4/16/99)

A high-tech assist for city's deaf film fans. Rear Window Captioning comes to Seattle's movie theaters. (4/12/99)

Helen Blakney, 57, an interpreter for the Bellevue School District, passes away (4/4/99)

Deaf percussionist gives riveting performance (2/12/99)

Washington State Association of the Deaf (WSAD) presents its sponsored Early Hearing Intervention and Interpreter legislation now before the Washington State legislature. (2/12/99)

Be a part of a book on Deaf Women of the Pacific Northwest. Click on the Deaf Women of the Pacific Northwest Section under Publications. (2/8/99)

Chun O Lu is a deaf Seattle artist who wants to organize an exhibit of artwork by deaf people from around the world (NW Asian Weekly - 1/9/99).

Kurt and Cat Malvana witness horrible bus crash (11/29/98). Also, apartment residents "second level victims" (11/29/98).

Mother's resolve may alter special-education panel in Spanaway (11/8/98)

Judge approves settlement by deaf inmates, agency. (9/4/98)

Deaf Moose Theater at Bumbershoot - Monday 9/7/98 at Kids' Stage, 12:45 and 2:15 p.m. (9/3/98)

Bellevue CC woman volunteers to help deaf horse riders(8/12/98)

Rob Roth's Letter to the Seattle Times - (8/11/98)

Many services are available for the hearing-impaired
a letter to the Seatte Times (7/30/98)

A special gift to the hearing-impaired

Leslie Borgan of Lynnwood passed away Wednesday 7/8/98 at 6:15 AM of complications from diabetes. He was 57 years old. He is survived by his wife Marjorie and two daughters.

Some signs of things to come
a wonderful interview with Howie Seago (6/19/98)

Adam Baker
child with apraxia gains speech thru technology and sign language (6/14/98)

Howie Seago's movie "Beyond Silence"
opens at the Harvard Exit theater in Seattle. Also (6/12/98)

Mother of All Holidays(5/10/98)

Deaf woman
among those killed in Arlington Manor fire (4/30/98)

Lorayne Friesen of Renton
died Monday 4/27. Her funeral was Wed. 4/29.

Western Washington Deaf Boys & Girls Soccer: send email to David Clarke for more info (4/23/98)

Bremerton deaf man
held hostage (4/5/98)

Heather Ray McCarrell dies
1992 graduate of Washington State School for the Deaf (4/2/98)

Judie Husted Memorial Service (3/27/98)

Deaf Poets Meet Again
100 people crammed into the Blue Moon Tavern for the latest show (3/5/98)

A Christmas to Remember
Deaf woman & family new members of Grand Coulee community (1/7/98)

Center for deaf moves to Pasco
story about the Mid-Columbia Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (12/28/97)

No Christmas music at the Jordan House
a Seattle home for deaf adults with mental illness (12/22/97)

Deaf Poets Society
recently held a meeting at in Seattle at the University District's Blue Moon Tavern (11/30/97)

Deaf percussionist Evelyn Glennie
performs with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra (11/16/97)

Family's Deafness
runs for generations (11/13/97)

Ringing in ears deafening
tinnitus sufferer in Everett area talks about it (11/21/97)

Tacoma Dome
agrees to provide interpreters (11/5/97)

National Theatre of Deaf
performs for ASL class at Kamiak High School in Mukilteo (11/4/97)

Deaf Couple Married
in Snohomish by Deaf pastor (8/18/97)

A no-loss hearing test
at the Hearing, Speech & Deafness Center on Seattle's Capitol Hill (5/6/97)

Beethoven concert/laser light show
made accessible to Seattle-area deaf (4/4/97)

Palmtop computers become cell-phones for the deaf (02/08/97)

State's only deaf school
connects with special kids (11/11/96)

Rajin Cajun
hot and spicy food from Seattle's Danny Delcambre (10/21/96)

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